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Dr. R. Gomathi

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Current Areas of Research

As part of ACRIP programme, I have been working on “Screening elite sugarcane genotypes (IVT/AVT) for drought tolerance” under field condition, for the past 14 years. Out of 147 elite clones screened, 40 clones were identified as drought tolerant and five varieties viz., Co 99004- (Damodar), Co 2001-13 (Sulabh), Co 2001-15 (Mangal) & Co 0218 were released for peninsular zone

Standardized Temperature Induced Response (TIR) technique for screening thermotolerance in sugarcane under in-vivo and in-vitro condition. Further, suitability of TIR technique was confirmed in commercial varieties viz., Co 99004, Co 2001-13, Co 2001-15, CoM 0265, Co 0218 and Co 0315 through in vivo and in vitro conditions

In line with the current emphasis on climate change, recently initiated a project on “Response of sugarcane to high temperature stress”. In the project I will be focusing my research on adaptive physiological, biochemical and molecular response of sugarcane to elevated temperature. The research also aims to estimate the thermal sensitivity of sucrose synthesizing and accumulating enzymes and their influence on juice quality in response to elevated temperature. Further, I will also be assessing the molecular mechanisms of heat stress by way of quantifying and characterizing the heat responsive proteins and transcripts expressed in elevated temperature