Dr. Amrit Lal Singh

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Dr. Amrit Lal Singh

ICAR-Directorate Of Groundnut Research


Dr Amrit Lal Singh, Principal Scientist (Plant Physiology) is a pioneer in “Mineral nutrition, stress tolerance and micronutrient bio-fortification in crops” and extended his unstinted services on sustainable food and nutritional security of India for 37 years. He is life member of 20 scientific societies and published more than 250 research papers. He is Fellow of ISPP, New Delhi and ISOR, Hyderabad. Dr Singh is widely travelled in India, visited China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Kenya, Japan, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, UK and USA and worked as referee of the Annals of Applied Biology, Australian J Crop Science, Journal of Plant Nutrition, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science and dozens of Asian journals. Dr Singh is editor of “Recent Advances in Crop Physiology” and vice-President of Indian Society of Plant Physiology, New Delhi .



Research Interests

  • Plant Abiotic Stresses
  • Plant Nutrition

Current Activity

(National Conference of Plant Physiology (NCPP-2017))