About Us

Samviti-Simply Essential is World’s First Scholar Media Network
Vision: “Online platform to connect scholars worldwide and facilitating the easiest communication between them.”

Samviti makes networking with a fellow researcher or scholar, following research protocol, searching for equipments or looking for guidance, very simple.

We take care of a variety of aspects, covering the entire lifecycle of a scholar.

  • Creating their personal profile with skills and area of expertise
  • Sharing the research work
  • Combining and publishing of abstracts
  • Open forum for questioning and answering of research topics
  • Collaborating with peer for the better understanding of a subject
  • Organising, managing and participating in academic conferences
  • Creating labs and societies
  • Reading news and articles on related topics of research
  • Analytics to monitor the impact of their research

Mission: “Upgrading the quality of research by minimising the time spent by scholars in the pursuit of findings aids to validate, broadcast and integrate their findings.”

A platform dedicated solely for adding value to a scholar’s life and works. Samviti has also initiated a paperless management system for academic and scientific conferences, absolutely free. As our contribution in “Going Green”, we have already saved 78 trees and counting. A paper free, automated system has ensured elimination of all the possible manual factors that become drawbacks in managing a conference. Catering to all the requirements of “The Scholarly Life”, we at Samviti value and appreciate “The Scholar’s” work. We intend to focus on the amalgamation of knowledge,for the betterment of scholars all around the globe.

We are Socially available