• Create your detailed scholar profile and share it like a website.
  • Add skills and rate yourself in terms of expertise.
  • Display education and affiliations with Organisations/Institutions.
  • Show awards and abstracts presented in various conferences with live link.
  • Display all publications and findings in systematic manner.
  • Download editable CV in single click.


  • Identify and connect with other scholars from similar field of research.
  • Ask/Respond to questions and access the knowledge base.
  • Engage with scholar community, interact and add value to your work.
  • Keep updated with the latest updates in your area of research through notifications.
  • Get referrals and recommendations from the highly qualified connections.
  • Display recommendations with profiles of the recommending authority.


  • Write and submit abstracts in predefined international format.
  • Manage and create team of Co-authors and Affiliations.
  • Edit submissions as many times before the final date of acceptance.
  • Get immediate updates about the selection from deciding authority.
  • Automatic credit on personal profile once abstract is published.
  • Find your co-author/s to participate, grade or comment on your work.

Organise and participate

Organise and participate
  • Free website with conference/lab management registration and communication system.
  • Create team and assign different jobs to different team members.
  • Detailed Reporting section with participant info and sponsor management.
  • Single click abstract book publication.
  • Paperless Print free management of conference.
  • Absolutely Free Payment Gateway for your conference.